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Follow Paul's Heart

Paul's giving spirit proves he is more than just a great designer

This Year's Philanthropy

The village that raised me where the White River runs deep within us.

 - Paul Guess

This year's philanthropy is the Des Arc Chamber of Commerce. Why? My beloved Des Arc. My hometown. My people. My tribe. The village that raised me where the White River runs deep within us. For the last several years, I have given to organizations so worthy, uplifting and far reaching to make a difference in the lives of heart patients, cancer patients, and children all over the state and beyond. This year, I need to focus on home.

In February of this year, I was elected president of the Des Arc Chamber of Commerce. What an opportunity! As I have begun with the Chamber, I realize that the opportunities are abundant, yet the resources are slim. We want a community of inclusion, unity and prosperity. I'll do my level best to lead us there alongside the board and community. At our first meeting, we had over 65 attendees! In Des Arc! Are you kidding me?

My heart swells with pride just as everyone does when they think of their hometown. Our goal is to make Des Arc one of "the stops" for Christmas for everyone to enjoy...kind of like a Hallmark movie. But, we have a long way to go. Therefore, I chose my hometown, my Des Arc, as the recipient of the $20,000 donation that will be raised because of you coming to VIP Night. I've said it many times before, and I'll say it once again. I am forever thankful that you choose to come shop and spend the day in Des Arc. You'll never know how much it means not only to me, but all of us here.

Make it a memory,


Christmas Makeover

Overwhelmed and full of blessings....

 - Kristi

Watch as we reveal a heartwarming and joyous Christmas makeover surprise for Kristi, a hardworking single mom. The anticipation builds as the team here at Guess and Company prepare to reveal the winner. Kristi, known for her dedication to raising her son in a Christian home, is about to receive a spectacular Christmas makeover.

The makeover includes a new tree, decorations, house lighting by Matthew Snow, and generous cash and meal contributions. Kristi, overwhelmed and emotional, expresses her gratitude, sharing how her family adores Christmas, making this a tremendous blessing.

The selection committee chose Kristi for her unwavering hard work and vibrant energy, qualities mirrored in her son. The designers, Ari and Clarissa from Evergreen Designs, eagerly plan to create a decor that represents Kristi's family spirit. They beautifully combine her love for blue and whimsical nativity designs, capturing the essence of the holiday season.

As the makeover progresses, the team infuses the home with festive decorations, constantly refining the design to match Kristi's preferences. With every detail, they aim to bring Christmas joy into every corner of the house.

The community support shines through, with Car City providing generous contributions, including a heartwarming cash gift for Kristi. The makeover team goes above and beyond, not just decorating the house, but also reflecting the essence of Christmas throughout the home.

The joy culminates in the reveal, with Kristi and her family ecstatically embracing the transformed space. From the carefully selected decor to the perfectly placed lights, the makeover is a true representation of the family's Christmas spirit.

We here at Guess and Company send warm wishes to everyone hoping you experience overwhelming blessings and joy during the holiday season. It's a touching reminder of the power of community, love, and the magic of Christmas.

Make it Merry!


A Spirit of Giving

Bear one another's burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ

 - Galatians 6:2

When Paul isn’t designing and creating amazing products for his companies, he devotes his time to making his community and the state of Arkansas a better place. He consistently gives back by supporting various charities and causes that are close to his heart.

One cause that Paul is very passionate about is supporting the American Cancer Society (ACS). Paul understands how important it is to save lives, celebrate the survivors, and tackle cancer head-on. He goes all out to make a real difference in the lives of cancer patients and their families by organizing fundraisers and pushing to spread awareness.

Cancer hit close to home for Paul recently when his nephew, Doug Estes, was diagnosed with the disease. Inspired by Doug’s strength and courage, Paul became a fundraising champ for the ACS. He was even selected as one of Little Rock’s Best Dressed inaugural fundraising event. Not only did he look fantastic, he was also named the “Elite Honoree” for raising the most money - $31,168! Way to go, Paul!

Now let’s talk about Paul’s love for heart health. He’s a big supporter of the American Heart Association (AHA) and their mission to keep those tickers in top shape. Heart health is a very personal issue for Paul, who experienced heart related health issues himself in 2022. This health scare inspired Paul to give back to his community and the state in the name of heart health. Last year, Paul rocked the house at the AHA’s Heart Ball where he raised more than $20,000 for the American Heart Association! What a party!

Paul’s so passionate about heart health that he shared an extremely personal video interview on his Facebook page. In the interview, Paul preaches on why heart health matters and how he got involved with the AHA. Its pretty inspiring stuff, guys. You gotta check it out! Click below to watch Paul’s story.

But wait. There’s more! Paul is also a champion for community development and economic growth. Early in Paul’s professional career, he lived all over the country working for pharmaceutical giant, Eli Lilly and Company. However, Paul felt the call of home for Arkansas. So, he returned to pursue his dream. Paul is from Des Arc, Arkansas, population 1700. He’s proud to give back to his hometown by creating jobs and bringing commerce to revitalize the town. Together with the Des Arc Chamber of Commerce, they’re making things happen! They’re all about creating opportunities for local businesses and breathing life into the community. Talk about hometown pride!

One amazing project that Paul and the Des Arc Chamber is working on is bringing life to the downtown area during the Christmas season. Together, they are lighting up the courthouse for Christmas, and the whole community is beyond excited! There will be a big ceremony, parade and even Santa Claus himself will spread holiday cheer. It’s all about preserving traditions and making memories in Des Arc. Way to go, Paul, and the Des Arc Chamber of Commerce!

Paul is not just about talking the talk, though. He walks the walk, too. He actively engages in fundraising initiatives that benefit all kinds of organizations. For example, Paul donated over $10,000 to the Des Arc High School Business Department to purchase new computers for the computer lab. One event that deserves a definite shout out are the VIP Nights at the Christmas at the Warehouse Sale. It’s like a party with a purpose! In the past, they’ve raised tons of money for awesome causes.

VIP Night Fundraisers


In 2022, the party was dedicated to supporting the American Heart Association (AHA), raising a mind-blowing $40,000 to fight against cardiovascular diseases


2021's VIP Nights focused on empowering Miss Arkansas pageant contestants, with a whopping $40,000 donated to support their educational dreams.


In 2020, the focus shifted to Arkansas Children's Hospital, bringing in a generous $20,000 donation for specialized medical care.


In 2019, the Des Arc High School Business Education Department received well-deserved love with a $10,000 donation for educational initiatives and student resources.

Keep shining, Paul!

These achievements are proof that when people come together, magic happens. Paul is all about making a positive impact and spreading the love. He knows that true fulfillment comes from giving back, and he's grateful for every opportunity to do so.