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What began as a…

small, philanthropic warehouse sale, brothers Dondie Guess, and wife Cindy, and Paul Guess join together to bring you Guess & Company. Once a year Guess & Company open up their warehouse to the public for a truly incredible sales event which has become the largest Christmas Sale in the South! Incredibly priced, farmhouse chic and Christmas decor are at the forefront of the offerings but on a first come, first served, limited basis.

Events (sales times) are limited and new merchandise will be offered weekly.

Come and enjoy!  


Candles and Accessories for the Well Appointed Home

Lux Fragrances offers the finest quality in home fragrance. With a Lux Fragrances candle, you will enjoy a long burn time (8-10 hours per candle ounce) and an extremely fragrant candle (15% fragrance oil content). You will also enjoy a premium wax blend that contains no soy.
Once you burn a Lux candle, you'll appreciate and know the difference.